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Large Inventory

Shooter’s Supply maintains a large inventory of handguns, hunting, and AR-style rifles and shotguns for personal defense, hunting, and sport shooting. We have attractively priced range safe ammo and both Gold and Platinum members receive a 10% discount on all range ammunition.

Shooters Supply maintains a strict “NO RETURN” policy on all firearm and ammunition sales.


Transfers in from and out to out-of-town dealers along with background checks are welcome. Transfers are $40.00 each long gun and $30.00 for each handgun. Background checks are $10.00 per purchase of up to three firearms. To get more information on transferring a firearm, click on the “FirearmTransfer” link on the above menu.


Accessories include gear to support all the guns we sell in the shop:

  • Magazines, Holsters, Cases, Purses,
  • Cleaning Supplies, Ammo Boxes, Loaders
  • Scopes and Optics, Targets
  • AR Lowers & Uppers
  • Non-Lethal Protection Products
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