Tennessee "Enhanced" Handgun Carry Permit Course - $65

Required by the State of Tennessee to receive your State of Tennessee “Enhanced” Handgun Carry Permit, and to enjoy the benefits of the reciprocal agreements with over 37 other states to be able to legally carry a firearm within those states.  This course covers the Tennessee State Laws for owning and carrying a firearm, as well as the laws pertaining to the Use of Deadly Force within the State of Tennessee.

This course will also review the components of your handgun, the operation of your handgun (loading, unloading, and making safe), and the Fundamentals of Marksmanship (Stance, Grip, Aiming, Trigger Control, and Breath control). This is NOT a class for beginners. You must know how to Load, Unload & make safe your firearm BEFORE taking this class. It is not a teaching class… It is a Testing class. We WILL NOT teach you how to shoot. You must know how to shoot.
You will take a Written Test and a Shooting Qualification Test, which you must pass with a 70% or higher on to pass.

If you are new to shooting, it is HIGHLY recommended that you take our Basic Pistol Course BEFORE taking this class.

To Get Your State Application Number, Click Here

You will also need to complete a Shooters Supply Waiver. To fill out the waiver, scan the QR Code below.

Basic Pistol Course - $60

Begins with discussing Firearm Safety. We then go into the different types of handguns available and their function. We will talk about different types of ammunition available and what’s best for the range and for self defense. We will teach you how to operate your handgun, to load it, to unload it, and to make it safe. We then go into the fundamentals of marksmanship: Stance, Grip, Aiming, Trigger Control and Breath Control. After a range safety briefing, we will go to the range and put into practice everything you have just learned in the classroom….. you will actually be shooting your firearm.

After completing this course, you will be well prepared for taking your
Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Qualification Course

1 - on - 1 Private Tactical Handgun Training - $60 each

Part 1

  • Laws on the use of Deadly Force
  • Drawing from a holster (concealed)
  • Magazine Exchanges
  • Shooting Controlled Pairs
  • After Action Drills

Part 2

  • Color Code of Awareness
  • Malfunction clearance – Type 1
  • Malfunction clearance – Type 2
  • Malfunction clearance – Type 3
  • Emergency Reloads
  • Putting it all together

NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home

(Information is being updated)

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AR-15 Rifle Course $60

1-on-1 Private AR-15 Instruction

You choose the Learning Focus

  • AR Familiarization Course
  • AR Safety Course
  • AR Cleaning Course
  • AR Beginners Shooting Course
  • AR Int Shooting Course
Picture of an AR-15 Rifle


Our Private Lessons are designed to take you from whatever level you are at, whether beginner or advanced, and bring you up to the next level of skill !!   Let our professional instructors evaluate your current skill level and take you from there to where ever you want to be !!

  • One Person – $60 (60 minutes)
  • Two People – $90 (90 minutes)
  • Three People – $150 (2 hrs)
  • Groups of 4 or more – Call (423) 875-4868 for pricing
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